Clark's Falls

Lesser- known beauty spots in Madison County [part one]

Written by Charles E. Page, June 2002

Madison County has much beautiful scenery. Much of it can be seen from the main highways. More of it is only accessible by hiking into the wilder spots. Clark's Falls is one of the latter.

I recall a time when I was a very young kid maybe 1924 or 1925 our family was visiting my Grandpa Jones's farm in the Town of Madison [on what is now Skuban Road]. One of the most popular forms of recreation in springtime was to take walks into the woods looking for spring flowers. One of the first trips to the woods in spring was to look for wild leaks. They had a sort of mild onion flavor, and were supposed to act like a tonic to rejuvenate you after the long winter. I think this was part of Welsh tradition.

I went on many of these walks and often we took a picnic lunch along. On this particular occasion the plan was to go to Clark's Falls. Apparently I was too young to walk that far, so I didnít go that time. "Going to Clark's Falls" was mentioned in my Grandmother's diaries, which she kept from about 1909 to 1941. [check out my story "Minnie Lloyd Jones, How she Lived"]

I always thought I would someday hike over there, but never did, until about 75 years later, this year [2002]. In the old days the family would hike from Grandpa's house, over the hills, fields to the Clark farm to the east, and follow the creek and ravine down to the falls. Grandpa's farm bordered Clark's on the west.

This year in late spring my son and I drove down Tinker Hollow Road to a farmhouse that used to belong to Mr.Clark. We asked the present owner about the falls and he very kindly gave us permission and directions to get to the falls from his yard.

It was not a very easy hike up the hills and through the woods for an eighty-one year old, but we made it. There are two falls a smaller one a short distance above the main 75-foot one. It's a really pretty spot, and one of the lesser-known beauty spots in the county. Of course it is on private property, so I will not mention the owner's name here. Probably the falls would no longer be named after Clark, but now would be named for the present owner. If interested, I could give you his name, but you would have to get his permission to hike up there.

Clark's falls

"Clark's Falls"

Clark's little falls

"Clark's Little Falls"

Charles E. Page, June 30, 2002