Waterfalls of Stockbridge and Eaton

Lesser-known beauty spots of Madison County [part 3]

Besides the well-known Stockbridge Falls there is another, smaller but still interesting falls in the town. Some have referred to it as "The Cascade". It is located southeast of Munnsville on the east hill about 1/2 mile north of the stone quarry. It's an easy hike along the old O&W Railroad bed from the turn into the quarry. The water flows down over the limestone ridge, the same ridge which houses the famous "caves" of Munnsville East Hill. There is not much water there in the summer, but in the spring it is a nice sight.

Many years ago the railroad had to build an aqueduct or stone culvert to carry the water from the falls under the railroad tracks to prevent washouts. It is still there although partly plugged up with brush and tree limbs.

cascade falls

"Cascade Falls"

Also in the town of Stockbridge on the same Oneida Creek that makes Stockbridge Falls, a half mile upstream to the west is another but smaller falls. Now only about five feet high it once provided power for a mill. No doubt it had a stone wall dam at the top to provide back-up water.

When I was a kid staying at our camp a half mile up the road, I would follow the creek down fishing for brook trout. One hot summer day I dropped my line in the pool below this falls, and behold much to my exaltation a big trout darted out from under the falls and took the bait. I pulled him out and proudly walked home to show my big fish. We ate him for supper that night. Of course he was only 9 or 10 inches long, that was a nice fish. Most I caught were smaller than that. I still to this day refer to that falls as "my big fish falls".

"My Big Fish Falls"


The Town of Eaton also has its beauty spots. One of them is a little-known falls south of Morrisville. It is on private property down in the bottom of a steep ravine not far from but unseen from one of the "back roads". At the top of the falls are the remains of a stone wall dam, which backed water up to power the old mill located there. Grist and sawmills were once located all the way down the creek at strategic locations. As with many of the creeks and rivers of the country, many mills could be powered by the same water being passed through one mill to another.

bub's falls

"Bub's Falls"

bub's other falls

"Bub's Other Falls"

Charles E. Page, age 81, July 1, 2002.