Oneida, New York, 2002

Over 80 years ago for her first Christmas [Dec. 25, 1921] an 11-months-old girl acquired a little friend who became a constant companion and playmate for many years. His name was Teddy, and he lived with her and her family at their home in Oneida and traveled with them every year to spend summer vacations at their Kawana Bay cottage on the south shore of Oneida Lake.

As the years passed and the little girl grew older, she acquired new friends, but Teddy was her favorite. As she went into high school and on to college, Teddy was left behind, in her old bedroom, on the upper floor at the cottage.

Years went by, the young girl was married and had children of her own. The cottage was sold by her parents and was eventually purchased by her own daughter's husband. Teddy was apparently forgotten and lost in the confusion of property transfer, and the moving in and out of furnishings.

One day in 1999 her 24-year-granddaughter came bringing in a bag saying, " I thought maybe you would like this". In the bag was her old friend, Teddy, after nearly 70 years of separation.

The little girl was my wife, Alberta Jones Page. Teddy was given to her by a Mrs. Klock. Mrs. Klock was one of the nurses who took care of Alberta's mother when Alberta was born. Alberta's father was LaVerne R. Jones, owner of Jones Brothers Store of Oneida, New York. In the family album there is a snapshot of Alberta taken in about 1923 sitting with Teddy on her father's truckload of wallpaper. And we now have a picture of her, leaning against a modern car, again with Teddy. Two old friends reunited.

Alberta and Teddy in 1923

"Alberta and Teddy on Truck"

Alberta and Teddy in 2002

"Friends of Today"

Charles E. Page, 2002