The Pages of Jewell

This is being written for my children grandchildren, sisters, and anyone else who might be interested in either the Page family or the history of Jewell N.Y.

Charles E. Page, of Oneida, N.Y., age 80, the year, 2000, great-great-grandson of Ira Page

Jewell is a hamlet on the North Shore of Oneida Lake, on State Route 49 in the Town of Vienna, Oneida County New York. At present [year 2000] it consists of a church, a cemetery, and year-round and summer residences. In the past it was a thriving community with a store, hotel, mills, boat-building and lumber industries.

The first settler is said to have been Eliphalet Jewell who owned land there in 1814. Silas Jewell may have come about the same time. After coming to Jewell, Silas moved to Constantia for about 5 years and then came back to Jewell about 1822. It was known as West Vienna until 1921 when the name was changed to Jewell, in honor of the Jewell family. In one historical write up it indicated that Silas and Eliphalet were unrelated; however, in fact they were distant cousins, both descending from Thomas Jewell of Connecticut [per Jewell family researcher, Arthur J. Burch]

In New England some of the Jewells married Pages. However, although we have not as yet established a connection with these Pages to the Jewell, N.Y. Pages, there well may be one.

Ira Page and his wife, Laura Leach, and their then three children moved to Jewell [West Vienna] from Swanzey, N.H. in 1835. He bought from a Mr. Jewell a house and a grist/sawmill located on the western side of Lake Street. The house was still standing in 1972 [per Lynn Case, Page family researcher][update- year 2001-This house and other Page houses are still there and we have pictures taken this year] After Ira, the mill was subsequently operated by Edson Page, and later Leroy Page.

Ira and Laura had 10 kids – Charles, Walter, [Ira] Edson, Laura, Franklin, Olive, Fidelia, Emily [Emma], Lauretta, and Leroy.

CHARLES died at age 10, buried in Jewell.

WALTER died at age 14, buried in Jewell.

EDSON, married Polly Marsden, and later Eliza Davis, all buried in Jewell. Polly’s grand father was George Marsden, who was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and an aide to General Washington, who later on a trip through Jewell, stopped to talk with Marsden. Gen.Marsden is buried in a special tomb on the southern side of Rte. 49 not far from Jewell. [It is known as the "Old Vienna Cemetery" on the Oneida County site on Rootsweb]. The tomb was in very poor condition when we visited it in 2001.

LAURA died age 1 month, buried in Jewell.

FRANKLIN married Cynthia White, daughter of Azel & Hannah Barnard White. Franklin built son, George Pages’s house at 248 E.Walnut St. in Oneida. He, Franklin, had the one son, George and a daughter, Ada [married. Will Stone], Franklin was buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Oneida, as was Ada.

OLIVE married James Chisholm, buried in Jewell.

FIDELIA married John Chisholm, buried in Jewell.

EMILY was buried in Jewell.

LAURETTA married [1][George] Newell Conant [2] married ----?---Whitecombe [3] married George Mathison. Lauretta was buried in Lakeside Cemetery, in Cleveland, N.Y. just west of Jewell. see note below

LEROY married Emogene Scoville, buried in Jewell.

Then followed Edson Page’s 11 kids:

Charles E. [my grandfather], Ellsworth, M.Louella, Homer,Laura, Lena, Leta, Edson L., Frank, Ora, and Bertha.

Of course, these kids married, and hence we have in the Jewell area alone, many connected families. Many of these lived and died there and were buried in the Jewell Cemetery.

CHARLES EDWARD married Alice Stowell. Both are buried in Oneida Castle Cemetery.

ELLSWORTH married [1] Julia Potter [2] Kate Fuller buried in Cleveland N.Y. cemetery

LOUELLA married [1] John O’Neil [2] Sumner Gillette. Buried in Verona, N.Y. cemetery.

HOMER married Nellie Muir. Buried in Jewell.

LAURA married William Flanagan, buried in Rome,N.Y.cemetery

LENA married [1] James Faulkner [2] John Goodrich [3] William Wilson. Lena was buried in North Bay, N.Y. cemetery east of Jewell.

LETA married George Wade. Buried in Guilford N.Y.

EDSON L. married Anna Brown. Buried in Deerfield, MA.

FRANK died age 3 months. Buried in Jewell

ORA married John Evans. Buried in Verona, N.Y. cemetery

BERTHA married J. Arthur Case. Buried in Verona, N.Y. cemetery

Polly was the mother of the first nine, and Eliza was the mother of Ora and Bertha

For detailed information on these people, see Lynn Case’s book "The Family of John Page of Haverhill, Mass."

In 1995 and 1998 we, Charles and Alberta Page, surveyed the Jewell cemetery stones and are presently [Dec.2000] in the process of combining that information with the survey done by the D.A.R. in 1927 along with other information to get a complete list for the cemetery. A whole lot of our ancestors are resting there. [2001-this "Jewell Cemetery" listing is now on the Oneida County site on Rootsweb].

The Pages of Jewell were the kind to take part in community events and socialize a lot. In contrast to my Jones relatives, they were ready to "Whoop it up" at family reunions, which sometimes lasted into the night with dancing and partying. I remember attending one reunion over at Jewell as a young child [maybe two or three years old, it would be in the early "roaring 20’s]. My mother made up a blanket bed under a table, and I went to sleep under there out of the way of dozens of dancing feet. I immediately went to sleep to the sounds of "Yes Sir, She’s My Baby, She’s My Baby Now" and the laughter and sounds of partying.

And, of course, a sort of "black sheep", Clarence Page, followed that "low class" profession of musician. He played and traveled with John Philip Sousa’s Band.

Well, Pages, and others, when you think of the numbers of us who came from Jewell, and are still at rest there, you may realize what a big spot in our family history Jewell has filled. I thought you ought to know. C. E. P.


note   Lauretta's third husband was Robert Mathison, not George Mathison. The name George is believed to be a typo in Lynn Case's book. This is according to information from Robert Mathison's great-great-granddaughter Marcy Fuller confirmed by cemetery and census records. Also, the name of the cemetery is Lakewood, not Lakeview.  FPL