Old Schools in Madison County

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Lenox Furnace School

Town of Lincoln, Madison County, New York

Lenox Furnace school in 2002

Lenox Furnace School in 2002


This is the Lenox Furnace one-room school that two of our children attended. Fay attended for the first and second grades, and Charles 3rd [Bub] attended the first grade. There were two pupils in first grade, Charles Page and David Ward; three in Fay's, Marva Colclough, Bobby Richards(?), and Fay Page. This would have been 1953 to 1955. After that the school was closed and the children went to the old school in Wampsville located south of Rte. 5. The Lenox Furnace School's one room was heated with a pot-bellied stove. Drinking water was hand carried from the house across the road. The water was hand pumped from a well in their yard and carried across the road to fill the 5-gallon water fountain. There were two outhouses in the back, one for the girls and one for the boys. The outhouses hung out over Clockville Creek making for easy sewage disposal.

The teacher at that time was Molly Smith of Clockville who taught all the elementary grades. Charles E. Page April 2002


Siloam School

Town of Smithfield, Madison County, New York

School in Siloam

"School in Siloam" in 2003

"Now a private residence with garage added"


When I first lived on the farm on what is now North Butler Road, we were in the Siloam School district, in the Town of Smithfield. [This would have been in the 1940's]. We had no children and I knew almost nothing about the school. All at once we received a check in the mail. It was from the school district and represented our share of the proceeds from the sale of the school building. The old school had been closed and the building sold. The money was returned to the taxpayers in proportion to the size of their assessment. That was a surprise. It was the first time and last time I ever received a "refund" from a school district in circumstances like this. It is now a private residence. Charles E. Page 2002



The Strip School

Town of Stockbridge, Madison Co. New York

the Strip school

"The Strip School in 2002"

This old school house is on the road now known as Cole Street, which runs from Solsville north to Munnsville East Hill Road at the intersection of Trew Road. My interest in it is told in my story "A Tale of the Strip" which can be seen on this web site.In the early days of the great depression I helped my mother wallpaper the walls to prepare it for the living quarters of my Uncle and Aunt while he worked for Harry LaMunion on his farm there. The building is still standing and is probably now used merely for storage. Charles E. Page 2002



The Stone Schoolhouse in 2002

Town of Stockbridge, Madison County, New York

the Stone schoolhouse

The school we always referred to as the "Old Stone Schoolhouse" was located on Gulf Road [now Stockbridge Falls Road] on the eastern end of the gulf. When we lived at our camp [see my story "Tale of Town of Stockbridge and Munnsville" It had apparently long been abandoned and was a "mess" inside. Windows were broken out, and the building itself had settled and there was a big crack in the stonework running from the peak in the front of the building downward toward the front door. We kids often went in to "explore" when we were walking down the road along the creek.

At a later time, it, as well as several farms nearby, was owned by the colorful Oneida attorney, Stanley Bliss. Recently it has been purchased and remodeled into a nice residence. Charles E. Page 2002



Madison Union School

Village of Madison, Madison County, New York

Madison Union School

Madison Union School in the Early 1900's

This was the high school that my grandmother and her children attended, (located on South Street in the Village) See my story "Minnie's Journal" [Minnie Jane Lloyd] . My parents met there when they attended high school .

Madison Central School

Rt.20 Madison, N.Y.

Madison Central School

The New Madison Central School in 2005

[The following information is from Jim Ford, teacher, historian, researcher of Madison: A new school was built on US RT 20 and in 1932 for the Jr. and Sr. high school students. In 1939 elementery school students also moved there when the old school building was sold and torn down.]

My mother, Erma, boarded during the school year with a lady named Minnie utler, and Erma's mother, Minnie Lloyd, boarded with a Mrs. Morgan, whose husband ran the general store in the village. We have a recent picture of the Morgan house.

Morgan house

"The Morgan House" in 2002



Madison Center School in 2002

Town of Madison, Madison County, New York

Madison Center School in 2002


This was one of the "common" schools located throughout the County. In the hills south east of the Center were other common schools such as Howe's Hill [on Stone Road], Durfee [on Quarterline Road], "Red School House"[on the corner of Rte. 20 and Center Road], and another on Tinker Hollow Road. Howe's Hill school is the only one of those still standing after nearly 150 years. It stands in contrast below the new high tech windmills of the newly constructed "wind farm". But it won't last much longer unless the people of Madison, with the permission of the present owners, decide to preserve it. The Center school was used, I believe, after Durfee, and Howe's Hill were closed. The Center school was remodeled and is now a residence.

Charles E. Page 2002

Howes Hill school

Howes Hill School in 2002


Oneida High School

OHS 1933

"The New Oneida High 1933" Elizabeth Street Oneida, N.Y.

This is the high school that my sisters and I attended. This picture was on a "penny post card" that Alyce had sent to sister, Dora, when Dora was visiting Grandma Jones and Alyce was staying a few days with her friend, June Dowling. The card was dated Aug.24, 1933. Alyce and I went to Elizabeth Street School [on the site where Willard Prior School is now,2002] for grades one through six; then attended Junior High for grades seven through nine in the old Main St. High School. Ten through twelve was in the "New High School" on Elizabeth St. My older sister, Dora, went to grades 1 through 4, I think, at the Elizabeth St. grade school, and for grades 5 and 6 in Seneca St. grade school. Elizabeth St. grade school housed only the first four grades because Junior High classes were then held in that building, so there wasn't room for 5th and 6th there. When the "new High School" on Elizabeth St. was completed in maybe 1932 or 1933, the Junior High was switched to the old High School on Main St. making room for all 6 grades in the Elizabeth St. grade school.

When the present High School was built on Seneca St. and the present Middle School was built in Wampsville, the old Main St. school was torn down, and the Elizabeth St. High School was abandoned. To this day (2002) it sits empty and gradually deteriorating. Failure on the part of the city to convert the building into something useful at that time has resulted in the loss of large building in relatively good condition, and turned it into a city liability.

Now in the Summer of 2009 the school has been torn down. It had deteriorated so far it was not worth trying to save. Now all that remains is a large vacant extending from Elizabeth St. to Main St.

All structural evidence of my Oneida formal education has disappeared. The old Elizabeth Street Elementary School has been replaced by Willard Prior Elementary. My old Junior High School on Main Street is gone, and now in August of 2009 all that remains of my High School are my memories.

Charles E. Page 2002 and 2009

old High School

"Old High School, idle for years, in 2002"

OHS school demolition

"School Demolition,2009"

OHS gone

"Vacant Lot, where OHS stood, 2009"

Charles E. Page 2002


The Old Stockbridge School in 2002

Old Stockbridge School


Stockbridge School in 1907

Stockbridge School in 1907

Sometime in the 1920's when I was quite young the family drove up what is now Stockbridge Hill Road. My father pointed out to us a fairly large building, obviously a school. As I recall in the schoolyard there were swings and maybe other things for the children to play on. My father said, "Your cousin, Hattie Wheeler, taught here". I'm not sure whether he said "taught", or "teaches". At any rate she apparently taught there at one time. Of course she also taught at the school in Munnsville. [See my story "Meeting Hattie Wheeler"]

Sometime later, probably when the new centralized school was built on Rte.46 this old school was no longer used and was converted to the attractive residence it is today [2002].

Recently I heard from Hattie Wheeler's Grandniece,Jean Wheeler Glave. She says she attended that school over 60 years ago. She says,

" At that time we lived on the hill past the school up to Days and were snowed in. We struggled down to go to school. Some of the big boys came and carried us the rest of the way down."

She also told about attending the Stockbridge M/E Church a short distance away on the corner of Rte 46 and Stockbridge Hill Road. She says,

"I attended the Stockbridge Church when I about 7 years old. At Christmas that year for the Christmas program my sister, Harriet, and I had to pretend to be asleep and Santa came. I gave Santa a big hug. What memories!"

Old Valley Mills Hill School,District 9

Old Valley Mills Hill School, District 9


This picture was sent to me by a lady who lives in California, and whose ancestors attended this school years ago.



Site of Valley Mills Hill School,District 9 in 2008

Site of Valley Mills School,Hill district 9 in 2008

An attractive house now occupies the site of the old school. A neighbor told me his father attended that school, located on what is now known (2008) as Eaton Road on the East Hill above Valley Mills.



Old Valley Mills School in 2008

Valley Mills School on Greene Road in 2008


This old school on Greene Road makes a nice residence.



Charles E. Page December 2002

The Stockbridge United Methodist Church in 2002

Stockbridge Church