[Yakima, Washington, July 5,1983]

We went into Denny's [restaurant] and sat down to order dinner. Just at that moment a group of nine people entered. There was room for only eight of them at a table next to ours. The ninth man accepted our invitation to join us at our table.

It turned out he was the hired driver for the group of Amish people from Ohio.The passengers of the mini-bus were dressed in traditional Amish garb and made an unusual scene so far west. The men were all dressed in business suits and had beards. All the women wore long gray dresses with white bonnets. The driver told us he had been hired because the Amish religion, although it allowed travel, forbade them to have their own motor cars. He was taking them on a whirlwind trip around the main attractions of the country all in two weeks.

The Amish people seemed shy and a little stand- offish at first, but soon they loosened up some and we had some nice conversations comparing notes about what we had seen on our trips west. It was their first trip west of Ohio and understandably they were quite taken up by all they had seen. [As we were too!]

An interesting meeting!

Charles E. Page 2004