Daily Bread

[Sprague, Washington, July6, 1983]

Heading for Spokane we left the main road around noon and entered the little town of Sprague. There we found a small diner, The Daily Bread Cafe. It consisted of two rooms, one with stools for sitting up to the counter. We sat down in a booth in the other room and ordered some soup. It was homemade and tasty.

In the middle of our lunch we were interrupted by a big fuss in the adjoining room. People were yelling, and we could hear laughing and loud guffaws. Then we saw what was happening. The employees had hired a girl dressed as a belly dancer to come and serenade the boss for his birthday celebration.

The owner was a big man [he reminded us Mel, of the TV show, Mel's Diner]. As we all gathered around, he was dragged reluctantly out of the kitchen to watch the show and have the dancer make up to him. His face was a brick red, much to the delight of the waitresses and customers.

After the act was finished the place calmed down. "Mel" returned to the kitchen, and the waitresses started serving again.

It was a pleasant interlude, and a change from driving.

Charles E. Page, 2004