The Dance

[Jackson, Mississippi, October 4, 1985]

We had left Vicksburg and headed north on Rt. 61 toward Leroy Percy State Park. The road was overhung with live oaks leading through fields of rice, cotton and soybeans. The cotton harvest was in full swing and soybeans were being combined. It was nearly 4 o'clock when we arrived at the old restored Florewood River Plantation.

We toured the grounds and buildings, fed the goats and watched the flock of turkeys. In the main house a guide dressed in the period costume took us through the rooms telling the story of the previous residents. She wore high button shoes and a long dark skirt.

In the middle of a sentence she suddenly started dancing around, and flipping up her skirt. We couldn't decide if she was doing an old fashioned clog like we had seen in the mountains of Arkansas, or what. It looked more like a cross between the jitter-bug and the can-can.

Suddenly with a good shake of her dress the dance stopped. She explained that a bee had flown up under her skirt and she was trying to shake him out. I guess she had been successful in evicting the impolite intruder, for she went calmly on with her story. If she was stung, she covered it up well. Hmmm!

It was time for us to head back to Motel 6 in Jackson.

Charles E. Page March 6, 2004