Travel Moments

[Small incidents remembered]

All our married life [57 years] Alberta and I have enjoyed traveling around the state and country. It was by regular passenger car or station wagon, and mostly camping by tent or small trailer. It started while our youngest daughter was still in diapers [the kind that had to be washed out by hand every night].

Many of the trips were financed by our "oat money". When the kids were small and money was a scarce item, I would sow a small field of oats for a cash crop for sale. In a good year this might amount to $200 or $300. Even after we no longer grew oats, whenever we needed money for something, one of us was sure to pipe up,"we could use our oat money!".

These stories are not meant to be a travel guide or record of all the wonderful places we went or what we saw. Instead, they tell of small happenings and some of the people we met and remember from different places and times.

On our travels our goals were not only the destinations but equally important were the trips themselves, and the unexpected sights, people and events we stumbled upon along the way.

Charles E. Page, February, 2004

Mt. St. Helens   Violin Buyer    Stur Village

Combining Wheat  

Amish   Daily Bread

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